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The members of the U.S. Team are selected through a qualification process over a two-year cycle and invited to a final tryout program for the naming of each new team. World competition involves a World Championship every other year and a Zone Championship in the alternate year.

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2018 Shooting Schedule Here

8th MLAIC Long Range World Muzzle Loading Championships, Bisley, England, 2011 Scores

8th MLAIC LR Photos

24th MLAIC Short Range World Muzzle Loading Championships, Barcelos, Portugal, 2010

13th MLAIC Pacific Zone Championships, Barrie, Ontario, Canada, 2009

13th MLAIC Pacific Zone Championships article

7th MLAIC Long Range World Muzzle Loading Championships, Butner, South Carolina, USA, 2009

7th MLAIC Long Range Results

Americans Win Gold at 7th MLAIC LR

All matches, 1996 to 2007

New World Records


Match Regulations
The general rules for international black powder competition are pretty simple. All firearms must be either original, or replicas of original arms in the spirit of the original. Changes that do not improve performance, such as a stainless steel barrel, are acceptable. Changes that do improve performance, such as glass bedding, are strictly prohibited.

For rifle and pistol events, the course of fire is 13 shots on the appropriate target (B-17 International Precision Pistol target, except for smoothbore) in 30 minutes. No sighter rounds are fired, but the lowest-scoring three shots are dropped from the scoring.

Download and view a list of the individual events in the MLAIC matches.
Download and view international rules for the competition




Other Blackpowder Events

BPCR Silhouette Nationals, Raton, NW 2011

1000 Yard Championships, Ben Avery Range, Phoenix

Camp Perry National Rifle and Pistol Championships

MD State Blackpowder Championships, Marriottsville

North-South Skirmish Association Schedule

NMLRA Competition Schedule, Friendship, Indiana

NMLRA-Sanctioned Western National Shoot, Ben Avery Range, AZ

National Rifle Association Blackpowder Match Calendar

CMP National Rifle Trophy Matches

Muzzle Loaders Association of Great Britain Match Schedule

Blackpowder Cartridge Match Schedules

USA Shooting Match Schedule

Research Press (Long Range Shooting)

Canadian Muzzle Loading Team Match Schedule

Japanese Muzzle Loading Team


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Erik Shaw in the Zone at Winchester, VA, 2011

Larry Brockmiller competes in Pforzheim, 2012
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